About Us

The Florida Community Lighting (FCL) decorative street lighting program will enhance the style and character of roadways within the community. Installing FCL’s decorative street lighting adds an elegant touch and increases the safety of the community. FCL owns, installs, maintains and finances the complete decorative street lighting project for a turnkey operation. FCL’s program offers wider benefits and selection than any other provider at a lower cost. FCL has a proven track record with over 25 years experience in roadway lighting installation and maintenance. FCL sustains high quality customer service through personal accountability and professional commitment.


FCL is a subsidiary of Horsepower Electric Inc., and was established in 2002. FCL was established to provide Statewide Municipal Street Lighting Services which include:

  • Technical Assistance
    Troubleshooting outages and electrical issues
  • Engineering Services
    Design, load and efficiency upgrades
  • Decorative Lighting
    Electrical receptacles on poles standard for holiday and/or event lighting.
  • Reconditioning of Existing Fixtures
    Recycling of existing parts, cleaning, painting, and installation of new parts. Reconditioning of existing parts (starters), Distribution of new street lighting products (sales of new parts, including photocells, starters, bulbs, lenses, poles, as well as  new fixtures and new technologies such as induction, LED fixtures, etc.)