P3 Financing

P3 Public Private Partnership

In an increasingly competitive global environment, governments around the world are focusing on new ways to finance projects, build infrastructure and deliver services. Public-private partnerships (PPP’s or P3′s) are becoming a common tool to bring together the strengths of both sectors. In addition to maximizing efficiencies and innovations of private enterprise, PPP’s can provide much needed capital to finance government programs and projects, thereby freeing public funds for core economic and social programs.


Horsepower Electric’s Public-Private Partnership (P3) Team works with clients to identify and facilitate opportunities that build on the common ground shared by business goals and public policy objectives.


Our experience in crafting successful partnerships spans a wide variety of projects and industries. With a thorough understanding of legal, financial and competitive influences, the Team assists clients in developing innovative ways to accelerate project delivery, mitigate risk and maximize return.


A public-private partnership is defined as:


“… a contractual agreement formed between public and private sector partners,

which allows more private sector participation than is traditional. The agreements

usually involve a government agency contracting with a private company to

renovate, construct, operate, maintain, and/or manage a facility or system. While

the public sector usually retains ownership in the facility or system, the private

party will be given additional decision rights in determining how the project or

task will be completed.”